The Breaking Point

I’m 3 weeks out from my very first body sculpting competition. I’ve always thought of doing one, it wasn’t until watching my sister do one that really sparked my courage and inspiration. Today I’ve done two lots of cardio, first was high intensity and second was an hour walk in the arvo, this is not normally how I’d attack my cardio sessions.

Let’s start by saying I had a really good day. It was productive, I got up early went to the gym, relaxed and got my hair done and then in the arvo went for a walk with my sister, who is also my coach. Plus I also ate all my food on the meal plan pretty perfectly (Not unusual, but I’m not going to lie and say I haven’t stuffed up at least once, I am human)

But it’s now I’m at home with my boyfriend, I’m seriously out of energy and I feel like I cannot even get up to go to the bathroom. Everything is so hard. SO HARD!


To the point where I’m wondering if I can go through three more weeks of feeling like this. Crying to my boyfriend, sobbing that I’m just so exhausted.
So many questions running in my head;
Can I do this?
Is 3 weeks really that long?
Is this normal? 
How do I do this?
When will I start feeling better?
What is wrong with me?
Am I that weak that I can’t do this?

But all through this I’m not asking why this is important to me. Why am I doing this?

Well, to be honest I’m doing this for the experience. As a Personal Trainer I wanted to know what it feels like to prepare your body for something as extreme as this.  And I take my hat off to those that do this for their professional life. It takes so much dedication to every aspect of your life. It sure is fun, but it’s also a shit load of hard work.
●Preparing meals, every God damn week
●Weighing your food (at raw measure)
●Body fat measurements
●Adjusting meal plans
●Increasing training
●Increasing cardio
●Decreasing the right foods at the right time
●Posing classes/coaches
●Getting stage ready (the fun/expensive  part, bikinis, shoes, tan, hair, makeup)

All while doing what you do to make ends meet, so you can damn well pay to be apart of a membership, so you can then pay to get on stage.

So three weeks to go.
The final question I’ll ask myself tonight.
Can I do this?
Yes, yes I can.  I’ve come too far to give up. Why would I be giving up when I’ve worked so hard to get to this point.

I said I wanted experience and experience so far teaches me that it’s important not to give up.  It’s hard, but the hardest things are often the most rewarding.





We began our journey in a small hostel in the streets of Amsterdam rather early in the morning, walking from the main train station with 15kg each prodding into our backs (stupid heels I only wore once 😂).

We managed to walk up and back in the same street for about 10 mins blindly looking for our hostel, only to be right in front of us the whole time! We unpacked our bags, got changed into some running gear and went on our way!

We ran to the main square, looked up to the sky line and pointed to the tallest building we could see! This destination is where we could stop for some body weight HIIT sessions. We ran all around the city, exploring and getting lost, only realising the time as we began to get hungry. We stopped in a local supermarket to grab some muesli, stevia drops and capsicums  (I love to eat them like apples!) On our way home we stopped by the Anne Frank House only to see the second best invention for this city of bicycles, was the Canal Bikes! We knew exactly what next few days adventure would entail!


But first, we decided to join along in a free walking tour around the city, it’s a perfect way to meet fellow travelers, see the city, learn some new things and get in that extra bit of exercise!

We were also given some of the best advice for coffee shops and great restaurants. And boy healthy food is what we found! Amsterdam is full of beautiful sights and great food (it’s not just for its reputation!) Not to mention, it’s one of the healthiest cities in the world, they actually have more bicycles than people!

On that note, we rented some bicycles with some like minded travelers and cycled around the city, starting at the Iamsterdam sign, all the way to the beer brewing windmill, which brews so many different kinds of beers! We had a few taste tests between us, and finished off the afternoon with a bike ride in the sunset!

The Canal Bikes, they are a lot harder than they look. We thought it would be a good idea to take some healthy snacks and have a mini picnic while we leisurely rode through… boy were we wrong. Leisurely is not the word I would use. It was hard to get used to the steering and peddling, I have to say I was much better. Though still managed to bump and scrape into many, many boats on our way through. (Which we got in trouble for! Whoops!)

So while I was doing the hard work, Jess was fueling my legs and brain our small portions of cheeses and dips with carrot sticks. Till we realised the last 40 minutes of meandering through the canals had given us 20 minutes to get back before we got charged extra! Fueled with our picnic we sprinted that run home, and to our surprise we only bumped a 2-3 moored boats on the side of the canals as apposed to the 1000000 before!


Definitely scraped those two boats!

Before hopping on our way to we decided to finish our day with a tour through the Anne Frank House, this has to be one of the biggest recommended places to see when you go to Amsterdam. It is such an eye opener, not only to see what everyone had to go through, but also the comradeship that went on with the community.

We quickly snatched up some cheesy (get it! Ha, there’s so much cheese!) souvenirs from local markets before departing on an overnight train where we would only hop off in Berlin!

Amsterdam beanie 😀

But Berlin is a story for next time!

Amsterdam 10/10

The Right Path

When my best friend Jess came up to me and said “I really want to go to Europe, where should I start?” The ONLY reply that was nescessary was “WITH ME!”

I had been furiously working off the previous kilos I had gained on my last holiday, and the dedication and hard work paid off! I was feeling so healthy and happy, the more I focused on being healthy, the less body issues I had. Learning about fitness through my course, I was able to push myself further, and as a result started weight training, which I fell IN LOVE with! Being able to do things I’ve never felt before made me feel so strong and independent, which is hard to come by when you’re only 21.

I didn’t want this feeling to slip away from me when I did this second trip. I didn’t want to feel that unhealthy/unhappy about my body the way I did before. Not knowing what to expect, I told her I would be doing this trip a little differently, by maintaining my fitness levels and eating healthier than what the usual crazy EU trip would be for two 21/22 year olds!

She gave me 110% support every day to help me, I’ll admit there were times we bickered about small things, like if I could give the water a rest so we wouldn’t have to stop to pee every 5 minutes! But then again, we were with each other for a 5 solid weeks, and I wouldn’t change a thing about that!

Our first goal we had given to ourselves was to not take the easy way out. By this we meant; no escelators, lifts or taxis (unless they were the only option) And let me tell you, those underground train stations are PRETTY FAR UNDERGROUND! And those magnificent buildings are pretty darn tall!

So we picked up our 15kg backpacks and started climbing those stairs, 15kg doesn’t seem like much, but when you pack stupid stuff that you don’t really need, like heels and straighteners, it gets uncomfortable fast.


(she might kill me for that photo haha!)

Our second was to be active everyday, now that might sound easy you say, seeing as you walk so much in Europe, and walking is great, super great! But remember how I said I wanted to maintain my fitness? We didn’t want to carry our bags to the park for our weight training so we had to be creative with our programs! We would explore the city by running to exciting land marks or views in the city and do some body weight HIIT (high intensity interval training) nearby. This I would almost regret when we walked up those bloody stairs in the underground the next day getting to our new destination of choice!

Lastly, was to enjoy EVERY moment and to say yes to new adventures (yes, even a few wild food choices!)
This meant choosing foods we hadn’t tried, going out for drinks with new friends and most of all seeing places we wouldn’t have seen had we stuck to a plan!








Healthyfied Travel

Now don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Belgium waffles and chocolate, Italian gelato, French crepes, German bier, Spanish sangria… now I’m hungry… but they can come at a price, well at least it did for me. Eight weeks traveling helped me gain a very fun and unforgettable 4 KGS (not including the extra luggage I crammed in!).
Would I do it again? Hell Yes! Would I do it differently? Yes I already did.

I traveled with one of my best friends for over 5 weeks, I left Australia an excited 71kg woman and came home a woman who had experienced the culture and food (yes, lots of food!) of exciting countries with many more fun memories and friends, however unlike my backpack, I did not come home heavier.

How did I eat the food I wanted to eat, see incredible sights AND have drinks out with new friends to create a few funny blurred memories?

Well, it all started at the airport and their ridiculously high priced water. Yep, like a sucker I needed to buy one, so I went all out and bought the big one, one to be refilled and refilled. Yes that $5.00 1.25L pump bottle might’ve seemed like a rip off, but I was the real winner, I stayed hydrated my whole flight AND those little trips to the loo sure do pay off (hello blood flow and small exercise time – 10 body weight squats per trip)

I ordered for my flight meals to be gluten free, this is because I found my choices of food from previous flights were pretty high with simple carbs. I wanted to see what else was out there. There are all kinds meal requests that you can put down range from low calorie, low fat, gluten free, to halal, the choice is up to you!

To my surprise I was given a gorgeous meal of salmon with rice and colourful veges, snacks included rice cakes and fresh fruit (and my trusty big water bottle)! Whilst my friend received white breads, pastas and curries, with snacks of cakes, chocolates and a few glasses of wine. Needless to say, I was a little envious to start but I stuck to my guns and soon fell asleep only to wake for the 1,000,000 time to get the toilet (buns of steel)

We arrived in Amsterdam early morning feeling sleep deprived, but ALIVE (me a little more) and what better way to kickstart the holiday, than with a run around the city, stopping for some HIIT sessions and photographs. We had no idea where we were going or what we were going to see. But what we discovered, is the best way to see the city, by getting lost…