Little Care, Lots of Love

Ah the EU, so big, so beautiful. Full of culture, history, languages and most of all FOOD!

I can say the first time I discovered Europe, I fell in love, with absolutely everything. Which is why I will always want to go back, Europe has a piece of my heart forever. This is why I was so forgiving when I came back with a few more kilos and a lot more love.

We touched down in London and flew across to Palma Mallorca, Spain, where we spent 3 full days drinking Sangria by the beach and soaking up the sun and sand. Plus after all that flying, I’d earned it right!?


We then followed on to the La Tomatina festival in Valencia, which is easily one of the top ten moments of my life. We were escorted to a small town nearby, 100’s of tourists, packed like sardines, waiting for someone to slap the ham on top of that grease covered pole. Yep, I like this country. FOOD FIGHTS! We happily trotted our way back to the city covered in tomatoes, stinging eyes and laughable memories. The rest of Spain was closely followed by more culture, tapas galore and you guessed it SANGRIA!

Topdeck, yes a Topdeck tour. I wonder what this might entail, you ask? Well, you could probably guess. It all started with a Long Island Iced Tea, who persuaded us to trial them all around the continent. It begins the night and ends it at the same time, but fills you with laughter and confidence. In between these nights came the mornings of hell, but afternoons of bliss, when you arrive in a new city, ready to explore and try your chance at finding a place for a drink “Dove posso trvare una birra”

My one regret with this topdeck trip is that I really would have loved to experience more of my surroundings, taking everything in, instead of focusing on when the next party was. There were a couple destinations I didn’t get much of a chance to see because I wasn’t feeling well from the previous night. Don’t get me wrong, I saw and experienced a wonderful amount, but I’m greedy and I wanted more!

It was after the 5 days of Oktoberfest that I really felt it, swollen, sore, tired and grumpy all because I wasn’t paying attention to the signals of help that my body was telling me. After a few fun nights of drinking litre after litre of German bier, and doing an appalling job of not eating the bretzels we said we wouldn’t eat. (which were to DIE for!)



This was the moment that turned for me, I had never felt so unhealthy in my life, after filling my body instead of fueling it. I had been somewhat regularly active in my life prior to Europe, it was this feeling, whilst running to a train, feeling unhealthy, puffed from those few metres, that I decided to change the way I thought about travel. I didn’t have the education behind me, so when I came back from my love, I threw myself into a new love, one that had always been with me, in the back of my mind, Health.

I still had two more weeks of traveling to do, not knowing where to start, I headed for the Internet (big mistake) full of crash diets, low carb, no carb, detoxes, fasting, the list didn’t end! So what did I decide? Well to be more active on my holiday by walking a lot more (esp at the Plitvice Lakes, Croatia, which everyone should go see!)

But also the first Monday I got back (yes everything has to start on a Monday!) I started my journey to become a Personal Trainer, not only did I do this for myself,  but so I could share these experiences with others!

Pictured: 2013 first day back from Europe and current March 2016


2 thoughts on “Little Care, Lots of Love

  1. You look amazing! I can’t believe we didn’t fit in any HIIT sessions in our hotel rooms in India. Let’s smash a workout together while I’m in brisbane 🙂


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