Healthyfied Travel

Now don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Belgium waffles and chocolate, Italian gelato, French crepes, German bier, Spanish sangria… now I’m hungry… but they can come at a price, well at least it did for me. Eight weeks traveling helped me gain a very fun and unforgettable 4 KGS (not including the extra luggage I crammed in!).
Would I do it again? Hell Yes! Would I do it differently? Yes I already did.

I traveled with one of my best friends for over 5 weeks, I left Australia an excited 71kg woman and came home a woman who had experienced the culture and food (yes, lots of food!) of exciting countries with many more fun memories and friends, however unlike my backpack, I did not come home heavier.

How did I eat the food I wanted to eat, see incredible sights AND have drinks out with new friends to create a few funny blurred memories?

Well, it all started at the airport and their ridiculously high priced water. Yep, like a sucker I needed to buy one, so I went all out and bought the big one, one to be refilled and refilled. Yes that $5.00 1.25L pump bottle might’ve seemed like a rip off, but I was the real winner, I stayed hydrated my whole flight AND those little trips to the loo sure do pay off (hello blood flow and small exercise time – 10 body weight squats per trip)

I ordered for my flight meals to be gluten free, this is because I found my choices of food from previous flights were pretty high with simple carbs. I wanted to see what else was out there. There are all kinds meal requests that you can put down range from low calorie, low fat, gluten free, to halal, the choice is up to you!

To my surprise I was given a gorgeous meal of salmon with rice and colourful veges, snacks included rice cakes and fresh fruit (and my trusty big water bottle)! Whilst my friend received white breads, pastas and curries, with snacks of cakes, chocolates and a few glasses of wine. Needless to say, I was a little envious to start but I stuck to my guns and soon fell asleep only to wake for the 1,000,000 time to get the toilet (buns of steel)

We arrived in Amsterdam early morning feeling sleep deprived, but ALIVE (me a little more) and what better way to kickstart the holiday, than with a run around the city, stopping for some HIIT sessions and photographs. We had no idea where we were going or what we were going to see. But what we discovered, is the best way to see the city, by getting lost…




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